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Intellectual Property Services

technical innovation
We can provide patent, design and trade mark searches and information about your competitors’ products, our team has vast experience in handling litigation at many levels including European patent oppositions and appeals, European Community Trade Mark (CTM) oppositions and appeals, and infringement actions here and abroad.

Protecting your intellectual property assets

Through the European Patent Convention (EPC) we can obtain patents in up to 31 European territories via a single application. We also operate under the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT), which enables applicants to obtain protection in over 100 countries worldwide from the same initial application.

Patent Services

Trade Mark Registration

Design Protection

IP Oppositions


IP Advice & Strategy

Portfolio management

Due Diligence

Our team of patent and trade mark attorneys is based in Colchester in Essex and offers a comprehensive service, both nationally and internationally.

We also boast a strong international client base, which takes advantage of our close proximity to the major international gateways at Harwich, Felixstowe and London Stansted.

Our client list extends around the world, taking in Eastern Europe, and the Far East, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. Sandersons is also active throughout the USA, the European Union, Japan and Australasia, and the emerging economic powers of China, India and Russia.


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