Patenting Your Inventions

Patent your innovationsA patent is a legal right granted by the state that gives you or your company the exclusive right to exploit a new invention.

In exchange for releasing certain details about that invention to the public by way of a legal document forming a part of the patent, a patentee is granted a monopoly right in the inventive concept for a period of up to 20 years.

Why should you patent your invention?

A patent gives you a valuable tool with which to protect your business, since it can be enforced to prevent others from manufacturing, importing or marketing your product, without your permission.

Patents are very important as they protect your investment in innovation or market share.

The rewards or risks can be most considerable: for example, Apple Computers agreed to pay $100m to a rival company for a licence to use that company’s patented technology in the iPod.

Don’t ignore your small inventions

It doesn’t have to be a big idea to get a patent. Small innovations can be just as lucrative as major ideas. There are tens of millions of patents in existence around the world, and the majority of these cover small developments of earlier ideas.

Timing is everything

Revealing a new concept publicly before applying for a patent usually destroys your chances of obtaining a valid monopoly right.  It is therefore crucial that a patent application be placed on file at the appropriate Patent Office before going public with your idea.  Sanderson & Co. works to your deadlines to ensure you are covered for any planned disclosure.

Why Sandersons?

Sandersons patent attorneys give you the best advice on safeguarding your product or idea to ensure you can go on to maximise its potential.

We offer a range of patenting services in the UK and worldwide. Every service is cost efficient to fit your budget and to help you through the procedure.

If you would like to obtain a patent for your product or other inventive concept, or would like further advice contact one of our attorneys to arrange a free 30min consultation.

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