Sanderson & Co supports University of Essex with Intellectual Property training sessions

Since moving to our new offices in the Knowledge Gateway at the University of Essex, Sanderson & Co have been increasingly involved with helping students and spin-out businesses to learn about Intellectual Property protection.

Dr. Andrea Salin, recently put his university lecturing experience to good use when he gave a lecture on patents and commercialisation of research to a group of final year students in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Essex on 24th November 2017.

Dr. Gareth Jones, lecturer in Biochemistry, said “I was very pleased when Dr. Salin accepted to be a guest lecturer on my module as students derive particular benefit from hearing about different issues in Biomolecular Sciences directly from experts in the field.  Dr. Salin gave an overview of different types of Intellectual Property and discussed engagingly what patents are, why and when they are needed by scientific business and their role in the commercialisation of scientific discoveries in particular.”

A few days later, Andrea put his skills to use again talking to a smaller group of post-graduate business start-ups as part of a series put on by the University of Essex Start-up Hub.  The group had a particular interest in the Intellectual Property aspects of software and computer driven technology applications.

There was some excellent feedback from the attendees who really appreciated Andrea’s knowledge of the subject and his enthusiasm for this increasingly important area of Intellectual Property protection.

“Andrea made a complex subject interesting and easy to understand, he even made it enjoyable. Andrea knew the answer to every question he was asked (even the odd and difficult ones asked by me) and he gave really useful advice. I would 100% recommend Sandersons & Co and more specifically recommend Andrea to anyone who had an Intellectual Property needs. Great overview session, just hope it can be longer next time.”
Hayley Jones – Enterprise Assistant

“Dr. Andrea Salin from Sanderson & Co. explained the complexities of the IP process, the regulations and different scenarios in a clear, concise and understandable manner. The presentation was clever and tailored specifically to our necessities. He provided real-life examples to illustrate whether a particular IP type is applicable to us, or not.   Dr. Salin walked us through the fundamentals of IP and build a comprehensive and open environment where  the attendees were able to formulate questions related to particular scenarios of their business. Subsequently, those questions were answered with a great balance among law regulations, business applications and particular project technicalities.   It was a pity the hard stop due external factors, I look forward to have the privilege of being invited to another session with Dr. Andrea Salin from Sanderson & Co. in the near future.”
Emmanuel Ferreyra Olivares – School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering


Dr. Andrea Salin

Dr. Andrea Salin
tel: +44 1206 571187

New win in the fight against scam IP renewal notifications

New win in fight against scam IP renewalsIf you have filed a trade mark application in the UK or Europe, the chances are you will have received a letter from one or more companies with ‘Renewal notices’ for your registration.

The letters look very official and are extremely misleading.   The fees quoted for carrying out the renewal are extortionate and there is no guarantee that the actual official fees will be paid.  We know of several of our clients who have been misled into making excessive payments in the belief that they were paying the UK Intellectual Property Office for the renewal of their IP rights.

In May 2013 the UK Intellectual Property Office made a claim for passing off to the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court against the two worst offenders – ‘Patent and Trademark Office’ and ‘Patent and Trade Mark Organisation’.

These organisations have now admitted to and settled the UK IPO claims and agreed to be bound by an Order of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court prohibiting them from further acts of passing off.

If you receive a letter of this kind are are not sure whether it is legitimate please contact us or the UK IPO to confirm if it is legitimate.

For more information about trade mark registration within the UK and Europe please contact Sanderson & Co.


Intellectual Property Enterprise Court – Wikipedia

Resolving IP disputes through the courts – UK IPO


A new way to protect your trade mark from domain name registration?

Domain NamesYou’ve registered your trade mark and a main
domain name,  You’ve probably
registered as well just to be sure.
But what about the other options?
.eu? .info? .biz?

Until now the only way to be absolutely sure that nobody else used your domain name was to buy them all, but with an almost limitless new generation of top level domains (gTLDs) being released soon (e.g. .books, .travel) this is no longer practical.

A new service is being launched today by ICANN, the body that governs the domain name system for website URLs, with the aim of helping individuals and companies protect the ownership of their trade marks from others registering new gTLDs including that mark.

The Trademark Clearinghouse allows companies to register their trade mark so that they may have a chance to pre-register the domains in any sunrise periods and if another individual or company subsequently tries to purchase that domain they will receive a warning that somebody else has registered.  Others may still be able to purchase a domain name containing your mark but it will put the TM owner in a position to object.

James Sanderson, Senior Partner, says “In our view the system will be a useful monitoring mechanism, especially for those that have suffered at the hands of cyber-squatters before.  However the cost ICANN are charging is a little steep – nevertheless it is far cheaper than fighting to get a domain back later. ”

Registration is for a fixed period of 1 or more years and must be renewed to stay in force.

For more information and advice about whether this may be of benefit to you please contact James.